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Some time ago, I embarked on a delightful journey of olfactory exploration, crafting a blend of my most tantalizing peach fragrances, enhanced with a touch of creamy richness and a hint of strawberry for that perfect balance of sweetness and depth. Thus, Just Peachy was born, captivating the senses and winning hearts for seven splendid years.

Recently I've combined this classic with another crowd-pleaser called, Lullaby. With its comforting infusion of buttermilk, oats, brown sugar, and honey, Lullaby added a soothing dimension to the vivacious energy of Just Peachy.

The outcome of the new blend Peach Lullaby is simply divine. Its essence evokes a symphony of flavors and aromas that dance on the palate and linger in the memory.

Hello and happy first day of Spring! 🌸🌿 I'm absolutely buzzing with springtime vibes, and I hope you are too. I've just wrapped up planting my favorite flowers in the garden - Honeysuckle on one side and Jasmine on the other. Here in Washington, we are surrounded by breathtaking cherry blossoms in every corner. I cannot be more excited!

As the sweet fragrances of spring fill the air, I find myself eagerly anticipating the promise of the season and soon we will be eating the fruit provided I can outsmart the mischievous robins in their pursuit of the ripened bounty. Take a peek at the photo from last year, a testament to the splendor of my cherry tree, which will burst into full bloom in approximately 4-5 weeks from today. Let the battle of wits with the robins commence! 

Spring heralds a time of renewal and growth, and I'm soaking in every precious moment of this wondrous season.

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