Goodbye Summer, hello September!

Hello lovely's, hoping your summer has been overflowing with giggles and sunshine-drenched happiness!  It's only yours truly, sending messages from my last week's escapade to Banff, Canada. 
As I took a look at this snap of mine, looking as if I was reaching and strategizing time travel to hold on to summer, a realization hit me like a bolt from the blue. Hard to fathom we're starting prep for...gulp, dare I say it, the festive season!
This summer I have been meticulously buried with a rebranding project. You might spot some fresh tweaks, new graphics, colors, fonts, as well as new updated logos.
Here at The Posh Olive, I have relentlessly aimed to distinguish us from the box, chain, and big corporate stores. Our offerings in terms of knowledge, flexibility, and guidance outshine that of any chain store. I strive to offer things you won’t find anywhere else but The Posh Olive.
Now is as good a time as any to express my heartfelt gratitude towards you! Your support and loyalty over the years has been overwhelming.
2020 brought about swift changes and things haven't really bounced back to how they used to be. Amidst all the remarkable happenings and the ups and downs, the fact that you've backed me all along means the world to me. A big CHEERS and THANK YOU to each one of you!
xo, Margaret

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