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How is your body treating you?

Self-care is not lazy or selfish.
Self-care is healthy.
Self-care is important.
Self-care is necessary.

The Posh Olive brings you all the bath joy for when you’re ready for self-care and rest.

unapologetic self care

We all have the essential necessity to reset our barometers. I have handcrafted every product from my own formulations with love, and have created each detail with you in mind.

claim your "you" time

Self-care should be easy. I've made the ultimate chill pill for your self-care with as much whimsey as I could. They have the ability to unlock a different mood, a new perspective, and also to allow you to just be you.

a recharged you

Your bathroom is the one room where you can lock yourself away. A bath has the ability to turn around bad days, make you feel like a million bucks, and where you can indulge in a bright, fresh, unapologetic bath heaven.

Hi, I'm Margaret!

I'm more than just a small business. The Posh Olive isn't just a job for me, it really is an extension of my life. I don't make things just to try to sell them to you. I use and love every single product I make. And I hope that you feel that love when you open a box from me. Made in Snohomish, Washington in tiny batches to ensure freshness and quality standards. Not only do I hope to serve you up some delightful goodies, but I’m hoping for you to experience the thrill of opening up a Posh Olive package.