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Scent Blend Glossary

A Chill In The Air • Honeycrisp apples + buttercream mint


A Little Caress • White peach, neroli and orange blossoms


Açai Berry • tropical sweet purple rainforest berries


Achy Muscles • peppermint, lime, lemon, eucalyptus, camphor and rosemary essential oil blend


Adrift • fresh sea salt breeze


Agave • delicate, sweet, fresh, agave plant nectar


All Summer Long • A Posh Olive house blend of satsuma, raspberry, pear


All Ye Faithful • A Posh Olive house blend of old fashioned tea cakes + cranberries


Almond • sweet nutty warm almonds


Almond Merengue • light almond coconut fluff cookies


Alone Time • lavender magic marshmallow cream 


American Strawberry • fresh strawberry, juicy oranges, golden honey and sweet musk


Angel Delights • sweet orange, tangerine, black currents and tutti fruity spun sugar


Anxiousness • soothing essential oil blend of eucalyptus, lavender and spearmint 


Apple Jacks • A Posh Olive house blend of breakfast cereal with crisp apples and cinnamon


Apple Pecan Sage 


Arabella • A Posh Olive house blend of sweet lavender, pink sugar, cotton candy


Autumn Harvest • fruity apples, lemon, sweet figs, caramel, rich autumn twigs


Avograss • a perfect blend of lemongrass, bergamot and avocado


Awake • grapefruit, basil, bergamot, lemon essential oil blends


Balsam + Clementine • sweet clementines with fresh cut balsam trees


Banana Coconut • delightful and genuine aroma of banana fruit, enriched with the sweet and exotic fragrance of coconut.


Barbie Pink • berries, cherries, vanilla, and a little bit of citrus


Basic Witch • house blend of toasted magic marshmallow and Macintosh apples


Basil and Neroli • neroli flowers, citrus, fresh greens and white musk


Beach Vibes • tropical Pina coladas and the intoxication of suntan lotion


Big Girl Boss • A Posh Olive house blend of strawberry, orange, raspberry ice cream


Birchwood Pine • pine, birch, amber and musk on a bed of berries, Nest type


Birthday Cake • festive white cake with sugary buttercream frosting


Birthday Cake Zucchini Bread


Black Peppermint • peppermint, spearmint, black pepper, neroli + magic marshmallow


Bliss • sweet orange, lemon, tangerine, bergamot, mandarin, clementine, vanilla essential oil blend


Blue Cotton Candy • spun sugar with sweet vanilla and candied raspberry


Blue Cedar Lavender • walk through a forest of soft lavender + sweet cedar


Blue Lavender • A Posh Olive house blend of fresh sea salt and lavender


Blue Moon • A Posh Olive house blend of wild huckleberries & lavender cream


Blue Santa • A Posh Olive house blend of spearmint cream, vanilla butter mints, and Honeycrisp apples


Blue Sugar • fresh citrus, sweet vanilla, and rich patchouli


Blue Valentine • A Posh Olive house blend of blue raspberries with lavender and magic marshmallow cream


Blueberry Ginger Ale • A Posh Olive house blend of sweet fizzy ginger drink and ripe blueberries 


Blueberry Hill • A Posh Olive house blend of magic marshmallow stuffed blueberry tarts


Blueberry Lemon Cream Cake • A Posh Olive house blend of fresh lemon cake, whipped cream & blueberry puree


Blueberry Zucchini Bread


Blushing Roses and Night Jasmine • the intoxicating aroma in a flourishing garden at the break of dawn


Boo Berry • blueberry jolly ranchers


Bourbon Vanilla • deep vanilla and straight Kentucky bourbon


Brain Pain • neroli, cedar, moss, amber, musk


Bronze Goddess • warming aroma of mimosa, honey, vanilla, coconut, neroli and sandalwood (Furze type)


Bunny Peeps • cotton candy and magic marshmallow fluff


Butterscotch Candy • A Posh Olive house blend of whipped cream, vanilla, salted butter, brown sugar, marshmallow sauce 


Candy Cane Lane • sweet striped peppermint and vanilla sticks


Candy Floss • spun sugar, berries, lemon, vanilla pods, hint of black currant


Can’t Steal My Sunshine • A Posh Olive house blend of sunflowers & fresh clothesline


Cashmere Creme • woody, warm, sweet, sandalwood, coconut, amber, tonka bean, cocoa butter


Cauldren’s Concoction • mischievous medley of sweet apple, everlasting cinnamon, and tantalizing clove


Chakra Harmony • the balance and alignment of zesty lemon, grapefruit, citrine, and subtle undertones of sandalwood


Champagne Snow Showers • sparkling orange fizz, festive lime, cognac oil and bright paper confetti


Chaos and Delight • delightful potion of cranberry and apple dancing with spiced cedarwood


Change Of The Seasons • delight in tantalizing pomegranate, feisty raspberry, and sassy cranberry


Charlie Brown Christmas • A Posh Olive house blend of lemon iced sugar cookies, pine fir needles


Chateau Marmont • A Posh Olive house blend of velvet pink sugar and creamy vanilla orange dreamsicle


Cherry Soda • fizzy sweet cherry drink


Christmas Cheer • A Posh Olive house blend of vanilla frosted gingerbread


Christmas Cookies • notes of caramel, cream, nutmeg, praline, snickerdoodle, buttercream, cocoa, and vanilla


Christmas Donuts • fried glazed dough touch of spice


Christmas In Hawaii • Merry Berry (cranberries, wild mulberry, pomegranate, sweet clementines) + Gone Surfing (pineapples, strawberries and mango vanilla smoothie)


Christmas In July • Merry Berry (cranberries, wild mulberry, pomegranate, sweet clementines) + Snowball (sugar cookies with shaved coconut, and crushed candy canes)


Christmas In The PNW • Blue Spruce, Ponderosa Pine, Warm Fir Branches, Forest Berries


Christmas Tree Farm • balsam woods chestnuts red berries


Christmas Wreath • classic pine fir needles


Churros • crisp fried dough with cinnamon sugar


Cider Lane • mulled cider, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg


Cinnamon Cider • golden nectar, spiced berries, sweet cinnamon, crisp fall air


City Of Lights • aromatic notes of soft florals, amber wood and cedar


Claire’s Lullaby • A Posh Olive house blend of wildberry mousse, lavender cream, + birthday cake


Cloud Nine • strawberry, currant leaves, pear, apricot jam, jasmine, pink peony, magic marshmallow, sandalwood, and musk


Coconut Chocolate Macaroon


Coconut Sandalwood • tonka bean, heliotrope, sandalwood, pink coconut and amber


Cold and Flu • oregano, eucalyptus, lemon, tea tree, rosemary, peppermint essential oil blend


Comfy Warm Blanket • winter flannel and cotton


Cotton Candy • fluffy, pink, sweet, sugared candy floss


Cradle Of Love • sweet candy canes with fresh kettle corn


Cranberry Ginger Ale • A Posh Olive house blend blend of sweet fizzy ginger soda infused with tart cranberries


Cranberry Orange • crisp bright oranges with fresh tart cranberries


Cranberry Peach • A Posh Olive house blend of tart cranberries, peaches & cream, touch of strawberry


Cranberry Zucchini Bread


Creamsicle • creamy vanilla orange sweet treat


Creamy Vanilla & Coconut Sugar • warm vanilla glacé, creamy coconut, touch of brown sugar 


Crushed • juicy sweet tangerines


Cute But Psycho • A Posh Olive house blend of milk tea with sweet strawberry petit fours cakes


Cupid’s Cake • Red velvet cake, strawberry slices, buttercream frosting


Dark Pearl • chamomile and lavender blend with myrrh, olibanum and berries


Dark Rose + Labdanum • Italian Plum, Iris Flower, Saffron, Sultry Amber, Vetiver, Woods


Dark Unicorn • sour patch kids candy


Day Of The Dead • candy gummies and lime zest


Death By Christmas • Royale (pink sugar, peppermint, magic marshmallows ) + Snowball (sugar cookies with shaved coconut, and crushed candy canes)


Deep Breath • eucalyptus, lemon, lavender, peppermint, rosemary essential oil blend


Do The Dew • classic carbonated citrus soda


Doublemint • spearmint & peppermint


Downpour • wet earthy raindrops, refreshing ozone


Dragonfruit • mild and sweet exotic fruit


Dream Cream • lavender, oat milk, sweet vanilla, and cocoa butter essential oil blend


Earl Grey Palmer • A Posh Olive house blend of iced team bergamot and sweet lemonade


Effin Fabulous • fresh lavender, vanilla, orris root, iris flower, warm and spicy leather


Enchanted Forest • alpine slopes, very fruity cranberries and crisp white peppermint


Enchanted Magical Berries• the sorcery of sugary bewitchment, captivating berries, and a sprinkle of pixie dust magic


Energy Cleanse • sweet orange, lime, lemon, litsea, ylang ylang, rosemary, on a backdrop of lavender essential oil blend


Everything Nice • A Posh Olive house blend of pumpkin spice, churros, cream cheese filling


Eye Of Neut • A Posh Olive house blend of maple pumpkin pecan waffles, and magic marshmallow fluff


Fall Festival • A Posh Olive house blend of apple cider, eucalyptus, spearmint and juniper berries


Feeling Frosty • snowy pine needles, oakmoss, citrus, allspice


Feminine Mystique • A Posh Olive house blend of dark plum + strawberry juice, flowering osmanthus, & mandarin slices


Flower Crown • a mixed Spring bouquet of pink tulips and fresh lilies 


Forever Red • a passionate blend of bursting pomegranates, red osmanthus, and a sexy surprise of fluffy magic marshmallow


French Vanilla • the aroma of dark, creamy, sweet, exotic vanilla


Fresh Picked Apricot • dark, juicy, summer ripe apricots


Frosty Snow Mint • spearmint, vanilla peppermint, sweet cotton candy


Fruit Loops • cartoons and Saturday morning cereal


G’Day Mate • Australian eucalyptus, peppermint, and lemongrass, hit you in the outback


Galantine • strawberry pomegranate boysenberry guava elderberries raspberries creamy vanilla


Ghoul Friend • dark strawberries, ghostly peony and spine chilling citrus


Ghost • a mythical invocation of amber, magic vanilla, and splendid oud


Ginger Ale • fresh chunks of tart ginger in a sparkling fizzy refresher


Ginger & Fresh Peach • zesty essence of ginger balanced with the juicy sweetness of ripe peach


Gingerbread • a classic favorite of freshly shaven nutmeg, clove, ginger and cinnamon


Gingerbread House • holiday spice cookie with little candy canes, and of course, royal cream cheese icing


Gingerwood and Palo Santo • warm woods, cassis nectar, terra cotta amber, palo santo


Gingham • sweet clementines, apples, white lilies, and freesia

Girl Boss • A Posh Olive house blend of raspberry and orange ice cream


Glam Squad • The Posh Olive secret house blend of sweet citrus fruits

Goji Tarocco Orange • blood tarocco oranges with goji berries and pieces of mango


Golden Hour • Pink dragonfruit, lychee, Brazilian jasmine, ozone, hibiscus, vanilla


Golden State Hippie • California oranges, a touch of patchouli oil


Goldilocks • freshly squeezed oranges with tiny oatmeal cookies


Gone Surfing • A Posh Olive house blend of fresh cut pineapples, strawberries and mango vanilla smoothie


Grapefruit Mangosteen • an exotic fruit with hints of peach, grapefruit and pomelo


Grounding • silver fir needle, Norway spruce, juniper needle, cedarwood, ylang ylang essential oil blend


Guava • ripe sweet fresh tropical guava fruit


Gummy Bears • candy, sweet, orange zest, lemon sorbet, lime and cherry childhood memories


Guri Guri • A Posh Olive house blend of luscious tropical plumeria petals, fresh pineapple, and rich coconut cream


Happy Camper • A Posh Olive house blend of bright satsuma oranges, vanilla, and fresh spun cotton candy


Head Over Heels • A Posh Olive house blend of sweet lavender, sugared cotton candy, magic marshmallow


Hello Sugar • tall sugar cane, tangy lemon rind, and shortbread


Hello Summer • A Posh Olive house blend of sugared strawberries, mangos, peaches, papayas and a bit of cream


Herbaceous • fresh green sage leaves with a touch of lavender


Herbal Steam • sinus blend of camphor, eucalyptus, menthol and rosemary


Here Comes The Sun • A Posh Olive house blend of tangerine & golden peaches


Hey There Pumpkin • tantalizing fragrance of fresh picked pumpkin with a touch of ginger


Hidden Woods • cedar, musk, lemon, eucalyptus, amber


High Society • A Posh Olive house blend of earl grey black tea & lavender


Ho Ho Ho • creamy vanilla and coconut sugar + peppermint


Holiday In La • A Posh Olive house blend of sparkling pomegranate and cranberry lime cocktail


Honey I Have Toffee • honey, bergamot, floral, vanilla and musk


Honey Lavender Gelato • creamy lavender, cool berries, warm honey


Honeysuckle Peach • delicate sweetness of honeysuckle blossoms with the luscious aroma of ripe peaches 


How Far Is Heaven • bowl of juicy strawberries, ripe raspberries & fresh cream


Iced Tea • cold black sweet tea touch of lemon


Icy Blast • double cooling peppermint and menthol essential oil blend


Immunity • rosemary, eucalyptus, orange, lemon, frankincense essential oil blend


Into The Woods • cedar, sweet sage, and cypress essential oil blend


Ireland • sweetgrass & wildflowers


Island In The Sun • A Posh Olive house blend of tropical mango, fruity papaya, coconut cream cake


It’s Time For Magic • smoky bourbon, spiced pumpkin, bayside coconut, and maple hardwood


Jack and Rose • A Posh Olive house blend of honeydew melon and cotton candy


Jasmine Blossoms • powerful fragrant beautiful blooming white flowers


Jawbreaker • sweet cotton candy notes of raspberry, spun sugar, lemon and vanilla


Juniper Berry • crisp juniper berries, tart lemon, tangy lime, with a hint of lavender


Just Peachy • A Posh Olive house blend of peaches and cream with a hint of sliced strawberries


Kaleidoscope • uplifting bergamot and frankincense, refreshing litsea oil and creamy citrus


Kensington Gardens • violets, hydrangea’s, strawberries


Key Lime Pie • tart and zesty limes, cream and rich buttery baked pie crust


Large Bowl Of Cereal • A Posh Olive house blend of fruit loops, blueberries and marshmallow cream


Lavender Apple • fresh honeycrisp apples and aromatic lavender buds


Lavender Cedar • sweet lavender, tonka bean, white cedar


Lavender Chamomile • soothing lavender and a light herbal chamomile


Lavender Coconut Milk • calming lavender, creamy coconut milk, coconut shavings, and tonka bean


Lavender Cream Oatmilk • the richness of lavender fields with sweet milk, vanilla, and rolled oats


Lavender Cookie • vanilla sugar cookie buttercream and herbal lavender


Lavender Haze • sweet lavender, earl grey tea, + vanilla milk


Lavender Lullaby • buttermilk, oats, vanilla, peaches, honey, coconut, sugar + lavender cream


Lavender Marshmallow • mouthwatering pillowy magic marshmallows and herbal lavender


Lavender Milk + Honey • calming herbal lavender, whipped vanilla cream, raw honey


Lavender Neroli • fresh floral and french lavender essential oil blend


Lavender Rose • fresh spring rosebud petals, light herbal lavender 


Lavender Soda • sweet blend of fizzy soda and a light lavender


Lavender Tea & Cakes


Lavender Vanilla • herbal lavender + warm Madagascar vanilla


Layer Cake • chunky toffee, milk chocolate, buttery frosting, vanilla cake


Le Vanille • Elegant vanilla, orchid with just a touch of sandalwood (Diptique type)


Lemon Drop Dreams • A Posh Olive house blend of sweet lavender, creamy marshmallow and candied lemon drops


Lemon Drops • lemon zest, sugar crystals, hint of vanilla


Lemon Flower • white honeysuckle flowers and Meyer lemon trees


Lemon Gingerbread • combination of lemon meringue pie and gingerbread


Lemon Heaven • A Posh Olive house blend of vanilla lemon creme


Lemon Lavender • A Posh Olive house blend of very lemony top note with a creamy lavender background 


Lemon Lime Soda • fizzy drink just like Sprite


Lemon Mallow Squares • A Posh Olive house blend of magic marshmallow filled lemon bakery squares


Lemon Sugar • sunny lemon and pure sugar with bright notes of lemon zest


Lemon Verbena • bright and uplifting Italian bergamot, lemon verbena, primrose, violet, amber….Yankee type


Life In Cartoon • A Posh Olive house blend of mango orange sugar cookie


Lingonberry • apple, frozen berry, lemon, balsam fir, cinnamon, clove, cedarwood, mountain air


Lime Fizz • tart lime effervescent soda


Loose Lips • fruity banana, kiwi, lemon, vanilla 


Lord Of Patchouli • a perfect blend of patchouli, vanilla and black pepper


Lotus Mint • sweet bouquet of mint and fresh water streams


Love Grows Here • Black amber plum, creme de cassis, vanilla woods, and Brazilian orchid


Love Is Love • A Posh Olive house blend of sweet citrus clementines, creamy magic marshmallows


Lovely Lilacs • intoxicating fresh florals


Lucky Charms • A Posh Olive house blend of magically sugary, fruity, toasted cereal with magic marshmallows


Lucky Lemons • sweet and tart Sorrento lemons


Lucky Shamrock • vanilla soft serve, mint + whipped cream


Lullaby • buttermilk, oats, vanilla, peaches, honey, coconut and sugar


Magic Candy • A Posh Olive house blend of gummy bears, jelly beans, jolly ranchers and sweet tarts


Magic Candy Fluff • A Posh Olive house blend of Magic Candy (gummy bears, jelly beans, jolly ranchers and sweet tarts) + magic marshmallows


Magic Elixir • captivating allure of sandalwood, tonka bean, lavender, and vanilla


Magic Marshmallow • warm gooey vanilla marshmallows


Mango Milk Tea • juicy mango pulp, creamy half n’ half, honey boba pearls


Mango Coconut Milk • sweet nectar, creamy coconut milk, coconut shavings, and tonka bean


Mango Papaya • tropical fruity island blend


Mango Sorbet • sweetness of ripe mangoes, this scent captures the refreshing essence of a cool sorbet on a hot day


Mango Strawberry • A Posh Olive house blend of fresh and juicy nectars


Mango Tango Berry Bango • A Posh Olive house blend of fruit smoothie with fresh cut mangos, raspberries, blackberries, and tropical açaí


Magic Marshmallow • warm gooey vanilla marshmallow


Masculine Essential Oil Blend • Lime, Grapefruit, Fir Needle, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Vetiver


Mellow Autumn • A Posh Olive house blend of seasonal pomegranates, Macintosh apples, and cotton candy


Mellow Cream • lavender, pink sugar, + peppermint cream


Mermaid Kisses • A Posh Olive house blend of salt water taffy sugar cookie


Merry Berry • A Posh Olive house blend of cranberries, wild mulberry, pomegranate, sweet clementines


Merry Mistletoe • sweet cranberries and uplifting citrus all wrapped in an evergreen garland with just a hint of peppermint


Mistletoe • A Posh Olive house blend of spruce branches, oranges, clove and orchard apples


Monster Cereal • A Posh Olive house blend of Franken Berry strawberry and Boo Berry blueberry cereal with magic marshmallows 


Moon Child • saffron, tonka and earthy labdanum to balance your sacral chakras


Moonlight Air • gentle breezes of neroli and lily of the valley


Mr Fancy • amber, teakwood, musk, cedar, neroli, and vetiver romance


Mrs Claus • the scent of sweet vanilla balanced with juicy clementine citrus


Nectar Of The Gods • fruity passionfruit, tropical guava, exotic goji berry island paradise


Neroli • sweet floral citrus aroma


Nightmare Before Christmas • Royale (pink sugar, peppermint, magic marshmallows) + Snowball (sugar cookies with shaved coconut, and crushed candy canes)


No Tricks Just Treats • pumpkin caramel cheesecake


North Pole • iced peppermint sticks, sweet vanilla snow cream


November • blueberries, Macintosh apples + pomegranates


Nutcracker • sweet orange, clove leaf, nutmeg, lavender essential oil blend


Oatmeal Cream Pie • spiced oatmeal pies and a cream center


Oatmeal Milk & Honey • creamy, comforting milk honey and oats


Oatmilk • heavy cream, warm vanilla, soothing oats


October • A Posh Olive house blend of pumpkin spice cake autumn leaves


Oh My Gourd • A Posh Olive house blend of spiced pumpkin cake & sugared gingerbread cookies


Olive Branches • sweet mandarin oranges, bergamot, and musk


One In A Melon • cantaloupe, sugar cane, lilies, ocean breeze


One Summer Night • honeysuckle flowers


Orange Ginger Ale • A Posh Olive house blend of fresh chunks of tart ginger in a fizzy orange soda


Palo Santo • calming and cleansing blend of tonka bean, smoky vetiver and cedarwood


Party • orange juice + tequila, boozy, fruity, uplifting


Passionfruit Nectarine • juicy nectarine slices with passionfruit nectar


Peace and Quiet • botanical freshness of amber, vetiver, oakmoss, sea salt, sandalwood, cashmere and neroli


Peach Ginger Ale • peaches, cream, strawberries, cold ginger ale 


Peach Lullaby • sweet, succulent flavors of ripe juicy peaches, buttermilk, oats, vanilla, honey, coconut and sugar


Peach Poppy • burst of juicy peaches and a light floral


Peppermint Fluff • vanilla magic marshmallows + sweet candy peppermints


Peppermint Pine • crisp peppermint and fir needle essential oil blend


Picnic Days • Lemon zucchini bread


Pink Drink • dark cherry and sweet orange


Pink Lemonade • fresh sugary lemon squeeze with juicy smashed strawberries


Pink Lotus Flower • juicy passionfruit nectar, coconut water, pink orchids, lotus blossoms


Pink Papaya Cream • vanilla ice cream, ripe papaya, creme de cassis


Pink Peony and Nectarine • sweetness of ripe nectarines with a blooming oasis of soft peonies


Pink Salt & Water Lily • peaches, apples, melons, lily of the valley and jasmine


Pink Sugar • fresh sweet Italian lemon, fruity strawberry, and a base of cotton candy and musky vanilla


Pistachio Pudding Cake • creamy vanilla custard mixed with pistachio nuts, honey


Plain But Fabulous Jane • unscented


Planet Unicorn • A Posh Olive house blend of rainbow sherbet, vanilla cake pops 


Polar Bear • A Posh Olive house blend of sweet vanilla cream, balsam woods, crisp peppermint


Pomegranate Vanilla • crisp exotic pomegranates + Madagascar vanilla


Pop Rocks • fruity flavors of raspberries, strawberries, guava’s, with a touch of fizz


Posh Breakfast • A Posh Olive house blend of fruity pebbles cereal, magic marshmallow cream topped with strawberries


Posh Candy • A Posh Olive house blend of lemon drops, vanilla, and fluffy cotton candy


Pretty In Pink • pink jasmine, pineapple nectar, green apple, & honeydew melon


Puff Bar • A Posh Olive house blend of magic marshmallow coconut strawberry cake


Pumpkin Creme Brûlée • Pumpkin cream, rich custard, caramelized sugar crystals


Pumpkin Creme Cold Brew • A Posh Olive house blend of espresso sweetened with vanilla, and topped with pumpkin cream


Pumpkin Crunch Cake • golden vanilla cake, sweetened condensed milk, pumpkin soufflé + spices


Pumpkin Spice Pecan Waffles • A Posh Olive house blend of pumpkin pie, spiced pecans, dark brown sugar, maple waffles


Pumpkin Zucchini Bread


Purple Haze • bright plum juice, Sicilian mandarin, flowering osmanthus


Queen Of All Green • crisp greenery, citrus, honeysuckle


Quiet Moments • A Posh Olive house blend of eucalyptus, spearmint, peppermint


Radiant Red Maple • sweet red Macintosh apple, smoky woods, toasted marshmallow


Raspberry Peach Macaron • refreshing peach and raspberry vanilla cream filled sweet pastries


Raspberry Royale • fresh raspberry puree and a touch of champagne


Red Bottom Heels • red currant, cranberry apple, plum, rhubarb, pineapple and a bit of lemon


Rescue • eucalyptus, orange, rosemary and peppermint essential oil blend


Restore • clean ozone, fresh green and light amber


Rio Vacation • sweet vanilla, salted caramel, warm pistachios with a touch of heliotrope, intoxicating sunshine


Roasted Cotton Candy • A Posh Olive house blend of magic marshmallow fireside with cotton candy


Roasted Marshmallows • A Posh Olive house blend of crispy magic marshmallows over a smoky fire


Roasted Watermelon • A Posh Olive house blend of fireside smoke, vanilla cream & ripe watermelons


Rose Marmalade • a blend of roses, lemon and vanilla. Lush type


Rosemary Mint essential oil blend


Rosemary Mint • an herbal blend of cooling eucalyptus, rosemary and fresh mint 


Rose Crystals • dried rose petals, bergamot, orange, grapefruit, jasmine, sandalwood, and musk


Rose Milk • Pink rose petals, magic marshmallow milk, white amber


Rose Vanilla • bouquet of rosebuds, warm vanilla


Royale • Velvet pink sugar, buttery peppermints, magic marshmallows


Sacred Canyon • sweet earthy patchouli, soft breeze, gentle space, aromatic sandalwood


Sakura • Japanese cherry blossoms, jasmine, orange blossoms


Sage + Citrus • earthly clary sage & lemon lime


Santal • sandalwood, cedarwood, cardamon, blooming iris


Sauvage • spicy pink pepper berries, herbal lavender, vetiver, rose, patchouli, amber, cedarwood and labdanum


Savasana • Lavender cream, sleepy chamomile, zesty ylang ylang, sweet tonka bean


Scarecrow Is Smiling • A Posh Olive house blend of cornbread candy corn toasted magic marshmallow


Sea Side Serenity • calming fresh ocean and salty marine waves


Sea Witch • the scent of aged driftwood, ozone and salty winds from the west


Self Care Sunday • California avocados, pacific sea salt


September • A Posh Olive house blend of crisp red apples, juicy pears, late summer peaches


Serenity blend • lavender, rose geranium, lemon, cedarwood, and lemongrass essential oils 


Seven Star Snooze • lavender cream, magic marshmallow, pink sugar lull you to sleep


Sinus • essential oil blend of peppermint, eucalyptus and lemon


Sleepy • sleepy lavender, zesty ylang ylang, sweet tonka bean


Smashing Pumpkins • A Posh Olive house blend of pumpkin spice, sweet kettle corn, sugar milk, vanilla cake


Smudge Stick • harness the energy of white sage, palo santo, rosemary, hints of lavender, and patchouli


Snickerdoodle • sweet cinnamon sugar cookies


Snowball • A Posh Olive house blend of peppermint candy canes, and sugar cookies with shaved coconut


Snow Candy • a candy floss scent with bubblegum and sweet vanilla


Snow Globe • peppermint snowflakes and sparkling yuzu citrus


Snowman Cookies • A Posh Olive house blend of peppermint candies, magic marshmallow, and sugar cookies


Snowy Cake • a confectionary treat of marzipan and almond


Soapy Clean • ozone, orange zest, bergamot, cotton, cedar, white eucalyptus


So Apple • cleansing apple infusion, soothing rosewater and uplifting bergamot


So Fresh So Clean • upscale spa blend of fresh clean air, spring blossoms, and refreshing mint


So Salty • mandarin, neroli, orange blossom and vanilla


Social Club • A Posh Olive house blend of lemon, cotton candy and cake batter


Soul Of The Woods • essential oil blend of cedarwood, fir needles, Valencia orange & clove


Sour Patch Kids • sour lemon, lime, strawberry, sweet sugar


Sourdough Express • fresh baked bread


Sparkle Sunshine • grapefruit and lemon essential oil blend


Squeeze The Day • sweet orange, lemon, lime essential oil blend


Spring Carrot • very fresh, very sweet, earthy garden carrots


Star Light Star Bright • sweet peppermint, lavender, creamy marshmallow


State Fair Taffy • sweet, pink, creamy, strawberry vanilla candy 


Stay Wild • Cassis Nectar, Ginger Wood, Amber, + Palo Santo


Stone Fruits • plums, apricots, and peaches, with a sprinkle of brown sugar


Storm Prediction • fresh woody cedar, crisp wind, blooming flowers


Strapless Dress • carnation, orange, sandalwood, rose, vanilla, vetiver, amber


Strawberry Coconut Cream • strawberries pureed with coconut shavings and island coconut cream


Strawberry Fluff • fresh picked strawberries with magic marshmallow cream


Strawberry Fruit Loops • even fruitier fruit loops with strawberry jam


Strawberry Lemonade • ripe strawberries, sweet lemonade, sprig of thyme 


Strawberry Lullaby • buttermilk, oats, vanilla, peaches, honey, coconut, fresh strawberries 


Strawberry Milkshake • vanilla ice cream and fresh picked strawberries


Strawberry Peach • A Posh Olive house blend of perfectly blended fresh strawberries and ripe peaches


Strawberry Pretzel • A Posh Olive house blend of salted pretzels, + strawberry flavored magic marshmallow cream


Strawberry Sugar Shack • A Posh Olive house blend of coconut cream, magic marshmallow, and strawberry sugar cookies


Stress Relief • lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, spearmint essential oil blend


Sugar Cookie • warm + buttery, sweet baked sugar cookies


Sugar Shack • A Posh Olive house blend of coconut cream magic marshmallow sugar cookies


Sugar Waffle Cone • light and freshly baked sweet cones hot off the waffle iron


Sugared Plums • sweet plums, dark cherries, strawberries, and oranges


Sultana • fresh clean scent with notes of bergamot, apricot, and sweet currant


Summer Lover • strawberry, watermelon, marshmallow cream 


Summer Solstice • A Posh Olive house blend of sweet strawberries, summer peach, grapefruit citrus and fresh thyme


Summit Caldera • A Posh Olive house blend of crisp mint leaves with fresh garden soil


Sunday Morning Latte • comforting fresh dark roasted coffee beans + frothy cream


Sunny Delight • citrus fruit punch


Sunny In Paris • lime blossom, lily of the valley, sweet jasmine


Sunshine Citrus • orange, grapefruit, basil, bergamot, lemon essential oil blend


Supernova • sparkling citrus greenery musk


Stress Relief • essential oil blend of peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus, lavender


Sweater Weather • chilly days in a sweater with notes of juniper berries, fresh eucalyptus and sage and a tiny bit of woods and sweet spearmint


Sweet Baby • fresh baby powder and vanilla


Sweet Dreams • essential oil blend of lavender, orange, neroli and German chamomile


Sweet Orange + Rosemary • essential oil blend


Sweet Strawberry • ripe, mouthwatering, juicy strawberries 


Tahitian Vanilla • luscious sweetness of vanilla, coconut, and lily petals reminiscent of a sun-kissed lush island flora


Taste The Rainbow • the bright and chewy sweetness of Skittles candy


Tea + Cakes • old fashioned tea cakes


Tender Bee • gentle soothing chamomile, calm lavender, sweet mandarin,

comforting vanilla, and happy coconut


The Duke • lime, grapefruit, fir needle, cedarwood, patchouli, vetiver, manly blend of essential oils


The Husband • lavender, fresh citrus, sweet vanilla, and rich patchouli


The Posh Treatment • A Posh Olive house blend of pomegranates, fresh strawberries, lavender cream


The Queen Bee • soft and sweet honey, royal jelly + propolis blend 


The Ridge • woods, lillies, fresh air, bergamot, mandarin leaf, and musk


This Is Halloween • A Posh Olive house blend of leaves, macintosh apple, magic marshmallow


Three Little Birds • A Posh Olive house blend of watermelon, orange, and strawberries

Timeless Hemingway • autumn apples and the comforting embrace of warm cedar and sandalwood, reminiscent of a well-worn library


Tiki Room • A Posh Olive house blend of pineapple, orange, lime, fruity mai tai 


Tobacco Oud • smooth tobacco, agarwood, whiskey, benzoin, vanilla and cedar


Toil And Trouble • A Posh Olive house blend of old fashioned tea cakes + blackberry


Town & Country • A Posh Olive house blend of sweet sugared lemonade touch of herbal mint


Treat Yo Elf • A Posh Olive house blend of cranberry and raspberry cream cheese frosting


Tropic Of Capricorn • a Brazilian juice of delicious pineapple, fresh raw coconut, brown sugar + vanilla cream


Twinkle Stars • tangelo, white agar-wood, starflower and amber


Unbothered • essential oil blend of eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, and rosemary 


Unicorn Lemonade • A Posh Olive house blend of blackberry, cotton candy, vanilla and lemonade


Unicorn Magic • sweet spun sugar, boysenberries, fluffy cotton candy, and vanilla


Vampire Blood • blood red strawberry, midnight blooming jasmine, dark Transylvanian Plum


Vanilla Birch • white birch, sweet Madagascar vanilla, and warm sandalwood


Vanilla Cardamom • delicate vanilla infused with the essence of dark cardamom


Vanilla Oatmilk • sweet milk, vanilla, rolled oats


Vanilla Rose • bouquet of rosebuds and warm vanilla


Vanilla Santal and Shea Butter • tonka bean, vanilla, orchid, shea butter, honey + sandalwood


Vexed • A Posh Olive house blend of strawberry flavored saltwater taffy


Vanilla Sugar • A Posh Olive blend of French vanilla and sweet sugar crystals


Vanilla Sugar Cookie Buttercream • frosted iced yummy cookies


Vanilla Flannel • Fresh laundered flannel sheets and sweet vanilla


Watermelon Lemonade • juicy summer watermelon and refreshing sweet lemons with sugar syrup


Wedding Season • pink and white peonies 


Where The Palm Trees Sway • Creamy vanilla, coconut sugar, fresh mango puree and key limes (Craftcation exclusive)


White Chocolate Peppermint Bark • crushed peppermint candy pieces + crisp creamy white bark


Winter Mosaic • A Posh Olive house blend of roasted magic marshmallows, burning firewood and icy pink sugar


Winter Fantasy • lavender, orange, peppermint, balsam fir needle essential oil blend


Winter Retreat • alpine slopes, very fruity cranberries and crisp white snow


Winter Snow Globe • peppermint snowflakes and clementine citrus


Winter Wonder • cool peppermint, bright citrus and touch of fir needle essential oil blend


Wood Air • aromatic oud, cedar, + amber


Woodland Fern • sweet greenery


Wood Sage & Sea Salt • woody earthiness and fresh aquatic sea salt


Wood-burning Stove • twigs of crackling firewood kindling


XOXO • sweet blend vine ripened strawberries, raspberry puree, and tropical guava


Yog Log • vanilla butterscotch, brown sugar, strawberry, clove oil, soft ylang ylang


You’re My Boo • bamboo and sugar cane


Yummy Mummy • a yummy blend of strawberry, passionfruit, bergamot, almond, orange, honey and a touch of sweet musk.


Yuzu • bright Japanese citrus with top notes of mandarin, tangerine, lemon, satsuma, and ruby red grapefruit, and middle notes of bergamot


Yuzu and Lavender • Lavender oil with bright Japanese citrus


Yuzu and Cocoa • vibrant notes of yuzu citrus on a cocoa base