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Natural Body Deodorant

Scent: Strawberry Coconut Cream

Best natural deodorant I’ve tried! Tara Zerwekh - Posh Olive customer

Natural Body Deodorant Stick - Plant-Based Odor Protection, Aluminum-Free, Gentle Formula without baking soda, offers long-lasting odor protection for your entire body
Tired of chemical-laden antiperspirants? Say hello to our all-natural deodorant, a guaranteed solution for freshness. Crafted with care, our formula features creamy kokum butter to soothe sensitive skin, while magnesium hydroxide effectively deodorizes by adjusting the skin's pH, creating an environment inhospitable to bacteria growth. This natural deodorant, powered by Zinc Ricinoleate, is the ultimate odor-fighting champion. Our innovative formula effectively neutralizes odor molecules, ensuring you stay fresh from morning to night. Gentle on the skin and free from baking soda, it spares you from any potential irritation or rashes, allowing for worry-free use.
Infused with soothing botanical extracts and nourishing oils, our deodorant stick not only removes odor but also hydrates and conditions your skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth, and revitalized. Say goodbye to unwanted odors and hello to long-lasting freshness, all while giving your skin the gentle care it deserves.

No scary aluminum.
No irritating baking soda.
No clogged pores or glands.
No diatomaceous earth or dark clay stains.
Yes to plant-based odor protection.

Indulge in all-day freshness with 
Crafted with care, our deodorant features Cosmos-approved humectant Glyceryl Laurate, providing a smooth glide upon application. But the real star of the show? Zinc Ricinoleate, which not only fights odor but also tackles bacteria, keeps you feeling clean and confident throughout the day.
Make the switch to our natural deodorant and experience the power of Zinc Ricinoleate for yourself. Say goodbye to unwanted odors and hello to long-lasting freshness, all while giving your skin the gentle care it deserves.

Strawberry Coconut Cream • Strawberries pureed with coconut shavings and island coconut cream

Rosemary Mint essential oil blend

Peach Lullaby • sweet, succulent flavors of ripe juicy peaches, buttermilk, oats, vanilla, honey, coconut and sugar

Lavender Lullaby • buttermilk, oats, vanilla, peaches, honey, coconut, sugar + lavender cream

Blushing Roses and Night Jasmine • the intoxicating aroma in a flourishing garden at the break of dawn

Guri Guri • luxurious scents of tropical plumeria petals, fresh pineapple, and rich coconut cream

Pink Peony and Nectarine • sweetness of ripe nectarines with a blooming oasis of soft peonies

Tahitian Vanilla • luscious sweetness of vanilla, coconut, and lily petals reminiscent of a sun-kissed lush island flora

Tender Bee • gentle soothing chamomile, calm lavender, sweet mandarin,comforting vanilla, and happy coconut


Twist up recyclable oval tube 3 oz / 85 g
Apply the deodorant directly onto clean, dry skin. For best results, ensure that the skin is free from moisture or sweat. Glide the deodorant stick gently over the desired areas of your body, including underarms, inner thighs, chest, back, feet and any other areas prone to sweating or odor.
Plant-Based Ingredients:

Cocoa Butter, Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil, Cetyl Alcohol (emollient), Arrowroot Powder, Magnesium Hydroxide, Kokum Butter, Tapioca Starch, Zinc Ricinoleate (odor neutralizer), Glyceryl Laurate (humectant), Fragrance and/or Essential Oils

Customer Reviews

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The best deodorant I’ve ever tried. Great scents and long lasting.


Smells good and seems to be doing it’s job! Arrived quickly, thanks!

tara zerwekh

Best natural deodorant I’ve tried!