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Magnesium Spray or Aromatherapy Inhaler

Style: Magnesium Spray

Excellent addition to the magnesium soufflé! Meg - Posh Olive Customer

Are you seeking a natural solution to combat fatigue, restlessness, and sleep troubles? Our essential oil blends, enriched with magnesium, offer a holistic approach to restoring harmony within your body.
Experience the gentle yet profound effects of our premium essential oils with just a light mist. Nourish your skin while enjoying a sense of calmness that permeates through your being. Whether applied to your torso, the soles of your feet, or the back of your neck, our blends offer versatile benefits that promote relaxation and well-being.
Discover the rejuvenating effects of our essential oil blends today. Prioritize self-care and embrace each day with a renewed sense of vitality and tranquility.
Compliment your experience with our Magnesium Soufflé body butter too!
Small batch. Handmade in Washington

Magnesium Spray - Rosemary Mint essential oil blend

2.5 oz glass bottle with sprayer
also available in an Aromatherapy Inhaler (not pictured)
Plant-Based Ingredients:

Distilled Water, Dead Sea Magnesium Citrate, Vegetable Glycerin, Sorbitan Oleate Decylglucoside Crosspolymer (natural solubilizer), Essential Oil

Aromatherapy Inhaler (not pictured) $7

Rosemary Mint is also available in an Aromatherapy Inhaler. Designed to help you reboot and regain control of your thoughts in mere seconds. Just inhale for 3 seconds, exhale, and relish in the relaxation that follows. Perfect for those who need a nudge towards mindfulness during hectic days or when feeling a tad frazzled.  Our inhalers are designed to help reduce anxiety, improve concentration, and promote relaxation on the go. This pocket-sized Inhaler lasts for approximately 2-3 months.

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Meg Rymiszewski
Excellent Addition!

Excellent addition to the magnesium soufflé!